Why are there so many Tesla stations at the Jackson Whole Grocer?


Ever since the installation of the Tesla Superchargers at Jackson Whole Grocer, we have had many questions as to why there are 8 of them.  For a community where only a couple dozen electric vehicles are owned, 8 seems to be a bit excessive at first glance.  But as with everything, Tesla has a pretty good explanation for this.

According to Tesla, it costs the same to install 4 stations as it does to install 8. Although it is unlikely that all 8 stations will be full all day right now, Tesla believes in building infrastructure for the future.  If you are familiar with Tesla’s business plan, you will know they intend to produce a large volume of less expensive vehicles in the next two years.  When this cheaper vehicle, The Model 3, is on the roads, it is likely that 8 superchargers won’t be enough.