Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities (YTCC) in partnership with the Town of Jackson and Teton County commissioned an update to the 2009 emissions inventory.  Based on YTCC’s research into the effective coordination and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, we have four overall key suggestions (1) develop a Climate Action Plan, while beginning easy and high impact greenhouse gas mitigation actions immediately; (2) implement the Teton County Internal Sustainability Strategy of June 2017 (2) hire a sustainability director for each the town and the county and at a minimum a joint position, to oversee the climate action plan, oversee an internal climate action committee and regularly meet with community organizations that can help carry out the climate action plan, and (3) develop one overarching ambitious goal, such as Net Zero by 2030 (suggested by the upcoming Mountain Town 2030 summit in Park City, UT). This will allow those responsible for sub goals and projects the ability to be creative and implement bold, high impact projects.