YTCC was awarded a grant from Teton Conservation District to offer the Electric Vehicle (EV) Experience program, allowing LVE co-op members to test-drive an electric vehicle to learn about the technology and determine if it fits their needs. YTCC has partnered with Lower Valley Energy to host the program and Energy Conservation Works to help support program marketing efforts.

The program currently hosts a 2020 Chevrolet Bolt with a range of over 250 miles. Whether you are considering an EV purchase, are interested in finding out why EV’s are predicted to be the car of the future, or are curious about how just plain fun an EV is to drive, you are invited to take advantage of our “EV Experience.” Borrow our all-electric Chevy Bolt for a few days.

This program is fully launched and you can join the waitlist to borrow the EV on Lower Valley Energy’s website.

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Jackson Hole News and Guide environmental reporter, Mike Koshmrl, took the EV Experience Bolt from Jackson to Yellowstone and back and covered his personal experience in an article in the JH News and Guide weekly, out Wednesday, September 15th, Cruise into the future via EV-for Free.

Prior to the official launch, our summer intern, Thomas Smith, coordinated for famed local photographer, Thomas Mangelsen to take the Bolt for a spin, his first time in an electric vehicle. You can read Thomas’s coverage of his test at the online magazine which covers Clean Cities stories and alternative fuels news, FUELS FIX.