Western Smart Plug-in Electric Vehicle Community Partnership

The objective of the WestSmart EV@Scale project is to identify pathways to accelerate use of EVs. The pathways will be evaluated by researchers through the analysis of EV infrastructure gaps, EV workforce development training, EV infrastructure deployment and data gathering, freight and port load, and grid evaluations. WestSmart EV@Scale leverages lessons learned and best practices from the tremendous success of the WestSmartEV project in Utah. It facilitates successful expansion into a regional program covering portions of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and Arizona—covering all major corridors in and out of California. It encompasses five critical EV application focus areas of: Destination Highways (National Park and Recreation), Underserved Regions (EV Training, Rural Transit Hub, Electric Car Share at Affordable Housing), Urban Mobility (Transportation Network Company, Intermodal Hub), Freight (Airport, Inland Port), and Community/Workplace (Mobility Hub, Workplace Charging).

For more information on this project, check the Technology Integration 2021 Annual Report or Annual Merit Review presentation.

Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities is a partner and sub-recipient on this Department of Energy Vehicle Technologies Office Grant funded project.