The Electric Vehicle Accelerator Partner program is designed to support Greater Yellowstone organizations in their efforts to (1) electrify their vehicles, (2) to provide opportunities for employees to drive electric, and (3) offer vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reducing commuting options. Electric vehicles and reduce GHG emissions by as much as 90% and have zero tailpipe emissions. If you have sustainability or climate related plans for your organization, this is a great program to help achieve your goals. You can watch the recording of the launch webinar on our YouTube channel.


  • To be a part of a regional community working to advance electric vehicles in the Greater Yellowstone Region.
  • Provide vehicle and commuter benefits to current and future employees.
  • Contribute to local, regional and federal greenhouse gas emission reductions goals.
  • Help drive mobility culture shift
  • Improve quality of life
  • Reduce congestion
  • Peer-to-peer learning and teaching
  • Be poised to apply for and receive funding for infrastructure and vehicles


  • Businesses
  • Government entities-local, state, federal
  • Utilities
  • Individuals can encourage their employers to join the program.


  1. Empowered Leader: Entity leader must sign-on to participate as an acceleration partner to formally acknowledge commitment
  2. Workplace Charging: Install Level 2 stations for employees
  3. Educate Employees:
    1. Provide an opportunity for YTCC to present about electric vehicles
    2. Electric ride and drive-one day or ongoing
    3. Provide new employee with “Drive less, drive electric” info during employee orientation
    4. (Choose at least 2 of the above to accomplish within 12 months of signing on to program)
  4. Evaluate Electric:
    1. Every time a vehicle is up for replacement, assess whether an electric vehicle is available that meets the use of your vehicle, if so, always purchase electric.
  5. Conduct employee survey:
    1. Conduct survey (provided by YTCC) of employees about their commuting logistics and electric vehicles
    2. Survey data will help determine what amount of workplace charging may be needed and inform commuter benefit offerings
  6. Choose at least one more option (option is your choice and particular to the needs of your employees and your capacity to offer these options)
    1. Assign an internal electric vehicle ambassador
    2. Commit to buying electric
    3. Provide publicly available charging stations
    4. Create new mobility benefits for employees
    5. Offer incentives for installing charging stations
    6. Include green fleet procurement polices
    7. Offer incentives to drive electric
    8. Commit to an assessment of switching fleet to electric

(Download hand-out below)