Equitable Mobility Powering Opportunities for Workplaces Electrification Readiness

What is EMPOWER?

  • One of three national workplace charging projects funded by the US Department of Energy.
  • Catalyzing workplace charging adoption through outreach, workplace charger install commitments, and actual installations.
  • The first and only equity-focused, nationwide workplace charging program in the United States.

Why is EMPOWER Important Work?

  • Workplaces missed by previous or current national workplace charging initiatives may participate.
  • Minority, low-income, or other populations who have been traditionally underserved are poised to benefit from the most from workplace charging and electric vehicles, because;
    • More likely to live in multi-unit dwellings, rent, or otherwise lack access to an at-home charger.
  • Employees have the most to benefit economically from owning/operating an EV.
  • Therefore, encouraging workplaces located in disadvantaged communities, or employing members of these communities, means we are reducing barriers to electrification in communities that need it the most.

Project Goals

  • Increase employer commitments for workplace charging programs and installations.
  • Increase career pathways in the EV charging industry for underrepresented communities.
  • Increase career pathways in the EV charging industry for underrepresented communities.

Why Workplace Charging?

  • Demonstrates climate leadership
  • Improve employee satisfaction
  • Earn certification points for local and national programs (LEED)
  • Document quantifiable metrics for sustainability reports and requirements

Next Steps

  • Connect with your local clean cities organization and email Bailey Collins (bailey@ytcleancities.org).
  • You can work with your place of work to survey your employees to gauge need, etc.
  • YTCC will help you create a plan of action!