Teton Raptor Center Discourages Idling

Each year, cars, trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles in the US waste an enormous amount of fuel running their engines while their vehicles are stationary. Also known as idling, this act effectively reduces vehicle fuel efficiency to 0 mpg and nationwide, wastes 6 billion gallons of gasoline equivalent annually (Alternative Fuels Data Center). That’s enough gas to fill 9,000 Olympic sized swimming pools, or if you were to use it to fuel a 2014 Honda Civic, you could drive it to the moon and back half a million times. More pragmatically, however, 6 billion gallons of fuel can also be represented monetarily as $21 billion.

The Teton Raptor Center is passionate about anti-idling, as it has a direct impact on the raptors that they are aiming to protect.  TRC answered some questions for us about why they feel so strongly about idling.

Raptor Center

What is the mission of the Teton Raptor Center?

Advancing Raptor Conservation through education, research, and rehabilitation.

Why is it important that people do not idle while visiting the raptor center? 

Healthy living conditions for TRC’s raptors is our highest priority. This includes high quality food, fresh water, a clean space and fresh air.  By keeping the fumes in our parking lot to a minimum, we are ensuring that our birds have fresh air to breath.  Plus, birds have the most efficient respiration system of any other animal.  It’s critical that all the air they use is clean!

Have you noticed a decrease in idling vehicles since putting the signs up?

Yes, we believe that the “please no idling” signs are an important reminder to our visitors, especially while they visit our nature center.

If your business is interested in supporting the anti-idling initiative, contact us to get your free sign!