Purchasing an EV in Bozeman, MT

Buying an electric vehicle is not always as simple as you would think, and therefore it is important to know your options for dealerships and vehicles available in your area. Many dealerships in the Bozeman area do not offer any electric vehicle options. While the dealerships that do have electric vehicles offer only one or a couple options and therefore there is not a variety of vehicles to select from when purchasing.

Ressler Motors will be offering the 2019 Audi e-tron at Audi Bozeman and Volkswagen of Bozeman within the next few months. All the 2019 Audi e-trons are brand new cars that can be purchased or leased. The price of these cars ranges between $74,000 and $90,000, based on the specific package and accessories chosen. The Audi e-tron can be bought online through the Audi website, where the choice is given to pre-pay or lease the vehicle. The website allows you to select a local dealership where the vehicle is sent and then available for pick-up or delivery by the dealership. Currently, the Audi e-tron is under high demand and all the vehicles at Bozeman dealerships have already been pre-sold.

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The Chevrolet Cadillac dealership, also associated with Ressler Motors, offers a Chevrolet Volt. However, currently, they only have one of this vehicle in stock. As well as Toyota of Bozeman, which is part of Ressler Motors, offers a Toyota Prius Prime. Unfortunately, there is a perceived lack of interest and demand for electric vehicles in Bozeman by the dealerships. Especially because many of the options offered are not 4-wheel drive. Overall, those are the current options for purchasing an electric vehicle locally in Bozeman, MT.