Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program

The Coalition is pleased to announce two new alternative fuel vehicle rebate programs!

Applications accepted now until Tuesday, March 31st.

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Rebate

The Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition was awarded a grant from the Teton Conservation District (TCD) to provide educational and financial support to regional organizations and individuals to assist in their purchase of alternative fuel vehicles (AFV). More specifically, the program aims to displace petroleum consumption by replacing conventional vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles and to help build a fleet to utilize the CNG fueling station that will be installed in the spring of 2015 at Shervin’s Independent Oil. Accompanying educational platforms include workshops discussing CNG vehicles and are open to interested participants free of charge. The rebate program will provide cost shares for 12 EPA certified original equipment manufacturer CNG vehicles or EPA certified CNG conversions of conventional vehicles. EPA certified CNG conversion information can be found at Each entity is eligible to apply for a rebate to assist in their purchase of or conversion to a CNG vehicle. The financial support will cover 50% of the marginal increase in price of the OEM CNG vehicle over the conventionally fueled model, or 50% of the cost of the EPA certified conversion kit and installation to CNG, up to a maximum of $2,000.00.

CNG Rebate Guidelines

CNG Rebate Application

Alternative Fuels Vehicle Rebate

The Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition (YTCEC) was awarded a grant through the US Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Source Reduction Assistance (SRA) to provide educational and financial support to regional organizations and individuals to employ more efficient driving techniques and assist in the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles in the form of rebates. Educational platforms include workshops and are open to interested participants free of charge. Rebates are available to those who attend at least one workshop. Financial support is on the order of a $3,000.00 cost share towards the purchase of an alternative fuel vehicle to displace petroleum and replace a conventionally fueled vehicle. The program will support propane and electric vehicle technologies.

Alt Fuels Vehicle Rebate Guidelines

Alt Fuels Vehicle Rebate Application

Montana Renewable Energy Fair

July 25, 2013

Last weekend, YTCEC (Phil, Alicia, and new intern Christy) headed up to Butte, Montana for the Montana Renewable Energy Fair, put on by Montana Renewable Energy Association (MREA).  After a quick stop in Dillon, MT for a little indulgence at the Patagonia outlet, we arrived in Butte on Friday evening.  We were immediately whisked away to a barbeque where we got to meet and talk with some of the other organizations that would have booths at the fair the next day.

Some great discussions, a lot of delicious food, and one dead bird later, we headed back to get some shut-eye before the long day we had planned.

Clean Energy Booth at Montana Renewable Energy FairWe were up early to set up our booth, and at 9am, the fair began! The whole thing took place to a pleasant background of local musicians and talents performing in the tent right behind our booth.  They even had a belly dancing performance.

Throughout the day, we all took advantage of the opportunity to network with Montana renewable energy organizations, in order to further expand the our reach beyond the greater Yellowstone area.  There were all sorts of workshops and Alicia and Christy were even able to attend a biodiesel demonstration from a group based up in Helena.

Because the day was long (9am-4pm), the crowd coming through was not concentrated all at once.  This allowed for us to have long, in-depth conversations with most of the people that stopped by our booth.  Many people took an interest in the anti-idling campaign, and grabbed several stickers to put up in hopes that it would deter their noisy neighbors and friends.

The level of interest the citizens of Butte and nearby towns showed in renewable transportation impressed us; we even met a couple people who ran their trucks off pure biodiesel in the summertime!

All in all, we left the fair with a lot more connections, and a great understanding of what groups in Montana are doing to promote and encourage renewable energy usage.


2 Mile Challenge

Yellowstone-Teton-petroleum-reduction-challenge-alternative-transportationOn May 1st I decided to challenge myself with a month long 2 Mile Challenge.  For the month of May I will walk/run/bike/bus regardless of rain/snow/sleet or hail to any destination within two miles of my home. This has proved fairly enjoyable throughout the first week.  However, my husband and I had an uncomfortable ride home from brunch on Saturday as it began raining just before we were about to leave and continued to the entire way home (though our bike ride was only a mile and a half so our discomfort was short lived and it continued to rain the rest of the afternoon which made me happy it didn’t stop as soon as we got home).  Also, previous to this challenge I found myself driving to work (which is only 1 mile from my home!) because I had too much to carry or had errands to run after work.  Though a one-mile commute requires much less petroleum than the average commute, one mile is also an extremely feasible distance for human powered modes of transportation.  My excuses should not have been as hindering as I made them to be, espeically considering I promote the reduction of petroleum use as a living.  But I really needed something to force myself to stop taking the easy way out.  With this challenge I have found it is actually easy to save my errands for one day or pair them with another longer trip.  I’ve also streamlined what I’m brining to and from work, which I think was healthy to do anyway.  Overall I am greatly enjoying this challenge and I’m hoping some of you might join me!  You could challenge yourself for a month or choose a week or a specific day of the week to ditch your vehicle.  This is also a good time to begin because Friends of Pathways launched the 2013 Commuter Choice Challenge, sign up or in and log your miles (HERE).  If you don’t have a team feel free to join ours, Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition, scroll all the way down as we are the last team listed.  I’ll be updating with pictures when I remember to take them!  Let me know what your personal challenge is and I would love to see pictures!  Post them on our facebook page or send them to

Sustainability Series: Education, Awareness & Action

Sustainability-JacksonWyoming-WorkshopThis month the Yellowstone Teton Clean Energy Coalition kicks off a series of Sustainability Workshops. Thanks to a grant from 1% for the Tetons, the Coalition will host monthly workshops focusing on different topics of sustainability. Partnering with Teton Co Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling and the Jackson Hole Energy Sustainability Project the Coalition is proud to offer different themes including alternative transportation fuels, composting and, energy efficiency. Workshops will cover the basics of each topic highlight local efforts, and provide citizens the tools to act on these ideas.

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