Community Spotlight: Henry Sollitt on driving his Hybrid EV in Jackson

Henry Sollitt is a young Jackson native who participates in the “ski bum lifestyle” while also driving a plug-in hybrid vehicle. He drives a 2013 Ford C-Max Energi, which in his experience runs on all-electric for about 24 miles and then switches to hybrid mode. Henry stated that it is incredibly easy to charge his vehicle around town, and free of charge because the Town Of Jackson offers electric vehicle charging as an amenity to residents and visitors. At home, he uses a regular plug (110 volt) and it takes about 6-8 hours to charge fully. In comparison, when he charges around town his car can be fully charged in 3-4 hours utilizing a Level II charging station (240 volt).

Henry drives his car all winter long and explains that he has had very little trouble with the colder temperatures. In fact, his car has turned on easily on -20 degree mornings when other car engines have trouble starting. Henry mentioned, “the colder temperatures do decrease the efficiency of the hybrid vehicle, but regardless he is still getting better gas mileage than most other vehicles on the road in the same weather conditions”. As he said he is “still using electricity, still more efficient, which is pretty cool” given the extreme weather we experience in Jackson. Henry explained that there was one big powder day on the pass where he could not make it up to ski in his car due to lack of four-wheel drive, the hybrid has front-wheel drive, and lack of clearance. However other than that the Ford C-Max Energi has been an ideal vehicle that gets him everywhere he needs to go. When more clearance or 4-wheel drive is needed, he’s been able to ride with friends.

When searching for a new vehicle, Henry was initially looking for a hybrid or a fully electric vehicle. However, he also wanted an SUV type car that would be suitable for the many outdoor activities the region provides. He explains that he started to give up hope of finding an electric vehicle, due to availability locally and cost, and started to focus on fuel efficiency. Henry was lucky to eventually find his hybrid vehicle through a family connection in Southern California. He acknowledges that he got a very good deal on his vehicle and that price is very prohibitive to the younger age group when wanting to purchase a more sustainable vehicle. However, he believes that many younger individuals could most likely afford a similar used electric vehicle if they are able to find one nearby. He compared the price he paid to a 2009 Toyota Tacoma. He explains that “they are getting worse fuel economy and don’t necessarily need a pick-up truck for what they are doing and therefore are burning more gas”.

Overall, Henry greatly recommends buying a hybrid electric vehicle, all-electric vehicle, or more fuel-efficient vehicle when purchasing your next car. Even for the younger individuals in Jackson, who might think an electric vehicle would not be feasible for them to purchase. He explains that his hybrid vehicle has been very easy to maintain and that the fuel cost is low. Therefore the initial investment has been paying off very quickly, especially with relatively cheap charging at home and free charging in the Town of Jackson. Henry claims that his vehicle can be used for “95% of activities in the valley, and the other 5% you can find a ride with a friend”.

Climate Actions Events Happening in Jackson!

Important events related to climate action are happening in the Jackson community! Last Thursday, YTCC in partnership with Energy Conservation Works and local community partners, welcomed Professor Robert Davies for a discussion of the current climate emergency and potential solutions at the Center for the Arts. This event was a huge success with a great turnout and a very engaging talk by Davies! And last night, January 20th, Pete Muldoon hosted a climate action meeting at the Pink Garter Theater, which was widely attended by the community. This meeting featured a speaker from the Salt Lake area who addressed how to best build community support for climate action. This first climate action meeting helped create the community support that Jackson needs to reduce our carbon footprint. YTCC will be sharing further information about meetings and opportunities to get involved!



JH Fine Dining Off-Season Special Features YTCC

November 18th- 24th
Jackson Hole’s Fine Dining Restaurant Group is sponsoring Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities (YTCC) as one of their nonprofits for their Fall 2019 off-season specials the week of November 18th- 24th. They offer a buy “one entree, get the second for only $2” special to their guests with 100% of the proceeds from that second dish going to the nonprofit of the week.

Available at all Fine Dining restaurants

ll Villagio Osteria

Rendezvous Bistro

The Kitchen


Roadhouse Pub & Eatery


2019 Jackson Hole Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities (YTCC) in partnership with the Town of Jackson and Teton County commissioned an update to the 2009 emissions inventory. The entity that performed the original inventory, Climate Mitigation Services (CMS), was hired to update the inventory using the same methodologies and boundary as the previous report to ensure accurate comparisons over time (an apples to apples comparison). You can find the report attached below.


Appendix 2


Fall Stakeholder Meeting, 2019 Green Fleet Awards, & Climate Strike

Fall Stakeholder Meeting

This past week, YTCC hosted our fall stakeholder meeting in Idaho Falls, ID. At the meeting, we heard from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) regarding their 25-year transportation plan that touched on plans for nuclear-powered buses, hydropower potential, and much more. We also heard from INL about the progress of electric self-driving vehicles. As well as the Idaho DEQ 2019 Vehicle Replacement Program was discussed, and a program summary detailing the 41 projects they are funding with 2019 VW Settlement Funds can be viewed HERE.

Overall, the stakeholder meeting had a great turnout! YTCC was able to showcase three Tesla’s brought by their owners to the meeting, and a Nissan Leaf provided by and available for sale at Pocatello Nissan Kia.


2019 Green Fleet Awards

YTCC presented our green fleet awards for 2018 to 20 fleets in the Greater Yellowstone Region that reduced their annual greenhouse gas emissions through the use of alternative fuels. Together, these 20 fleets have reduced 6,588 tons of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) annually, which is equivalent to removing around 1,432 cars from the road. YTCC would like to recognize the following fleets for their commitment to clean air, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing energy security.


Custer Gallatin National Forest*, Delaware North, Dominion Energy, First Student Inc, Four Corners Recycling*, Grand Teton National Park*, Idaho Falls Power*, Idaho National Laboratory*, Jackson Hole Airport*, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort*, Lower Valley Energy, State of Wyoming, START Bus, Stillwater Mining Company, Streamline Bus, Sublette County School District #1*, Teton Conservation District, The Town of Jackson/Teton County*, Xanterra, Yellowstone National Park

*denotes previous Green Fleet award recipients


Idaho National Laboratory, Idaho Falls Power, and the Jackson Hole Airport were all in attendance at the meeting and received their awards. However, all the green fleets mentioned above will receive an award in the mail.

You can find the full 2019 Green Fleet Award press release below.

Final_Recognition Press Release


Global Climate Strike

This past Friday, September 20th, was the global climate strike and YTCC was in attendance at the Jackson Hole Town Square. This international movement began with school students choosing not to attend class on Friday and instead deciding to strike to demand that action be taken to address climate change and to ask world leaders to take immediate climate action. These international strikes and protests were initially led by young people but many adults are now involved in the global climate strike. The strike in Jackson Hole had a great turnout for the rainy weather, with protestors of a varied age range.