May Question of the Month

Question of the Month: How can I improve my gas mileage while driving this summer? Answer: Whether you are taking a summer road trip or just running errands around town, there are things you can do to improve your fuel economy and save money on fuel in the summertime. You may notice an increase in […]

Transition Streets

Want to learn simple, practical changes to your home and habits to live more sustainably? Ready to begin a journey to a lifestyle that uses less energy? Check out Transition Streets!

Idling Revealed

Written by Billy Karis Each year, cars, trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles in the US waste an enormous amount of fuel running their engines while their vehicles are stationary. Also known as idling, this act effectively reduces vehicle fuel efficiency to 0 mpg and nationwide, wastes 6 billion gallons of gasoline equivalent annually (Alternative Fuels Data […]

What is zero waste?

Guest blogger, Tanya Anderson, is a Coalition partner through the Sustainability Series. What is zero waste? Fifteen years ago you might not have found an answer to that question. Today, a Google search will yield more than 40 millions results. On February 21, a crowd gathered in Jackson’s Home Ranch Exhibit Hall to learn more […]

To Idle or Not to Idle – There’s No Question About it

In this day of high fuel costs, a tight economy, population growth, and climate change, it is imperative that we are all armed with the current facts about engine idling. Idling is defined as running a vehicle engine when the vehicle is standing still. It sounds downright silly, really. Who would want to do that? We […]

Thoughts on Car Sharing

Have you heard of ride share, car share or peer-to-peer car sharing programs? Does Zipcar ring a bell, or even our local  These types of programs are prevalent in large cities and at universities; they boast an astounding 15 million car sharing members in North America.  Though there seems to be a niche they […]

idle-free campaign taking root

idle-free campaign taking root

Today’s Eco-Driving Tip: Avoid Rapid Starts and Stops

Today’s Eco-Driving Tip: Avoid Rapid Starts and Stops Gentle acceleration and braking can save more than $1 per gallon, according to the U.S. EPA. What are some other easy eco-driving tips?

Lower your fuel consumption today by drinking a glass of water!

Lower your fuel consumption today with this simple step!

Council pledges staff, money to stop idling

Jackson Town Councilors last week pledged $6,000 to help pay for an “Idle Free Jackson” marketing campaign.The total budget — about $29,000 — will be paid for by the town, the Yellowstone-Teton Clean Energy Coalition, the Willie Neal Environmental Fund and several sponsors. The town will help pay the management fee for Phillip Cameron, executive director of the coalition, to oversee the program as well as to pay for advertising. The budget also includes a provision for an in-kind donation of about $8,000 in staff time.