The Wheel House Commuter Bike Parking Hub Launches for the 2023 Season

Skip the Traffic and Enjoy Your Ride

Jackson, Wyoming – June 8, 2023: The Wheel House commuter bike hub is now open at Stilson Parking Lot, offering a secure location for overnight bike parking and electric bike charging. Commuters can take advantage of this facility by parking, locking, and charging their bikes for free within The Wheel House. 

Residents and employees of Jackson Hole can now bypass the summer traffic and experience a stress-free journey to and from work using the local pathways. This program, in its 2nd year,  allows individuals commuting over Teton Pass or from the Westbank to park their vehicles, hop on their bikes, and cycle the remaining part of their commute.

“Most who live here have experienced being stuck in traffic on Hwy 22 during the summer months.  We wanted to offer an option to make it easier for folks to get out of their cars and allow biking to be a more inviting commute option, particularly with the bridge construction this summer,” Alicia Cox, Executive Director, Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities.

If you already bike commute but have been transporting your bike on the back of your vehicle each day, or you want to start commuting with your personal bike, you can simply lock your bike inside the tent and leave it there.  The program is free but please sign-up for the program so we can easily communicate with program participants. You can sign up here at the program page on YTCC’s website:

Interested in improving your employees’ commute so they aren’t stuck in traffic? Consider providing e-bikes at the Stilson location for your employees to use. 


Alicia Cox, Executive Director

Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities


About The Wheel House:

The Wheel House commuter bike hub is the result of a partnership between Friends of Pathways, Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities, Teton Village Association and Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. These organizations are dedicated to enhancing traffic flow and reducing emissions along Highway 22 in Jackson Hole.