Renewable Diesel Availability at Public Gas Stations to 3 New States!

Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities (YTCC) is excited to announce a significant expansion of its sustainable fuel efforts with Renewable Diesel now available at public gas stations in Belgrade, MT; Jackson, WY; and Nampa, ID. This collaborative effort, with Parkland USA and Farstad Oil underscores YTCC’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in a practical way and promoting cleaner transportation solutions in the region.

Renewable Diesel is a premium alternative to traditional diesel fuel that is produced from renewable resources such as animal fats, vegetable oils, and other organic feedstocks. It is a lower-carbon emitting, high-performance fuel that can help reduce the environmental impact of transportation while maintaining the efficiency and increasing reliability demanded by consumers.

“We are thrilled to bring Renewable Diesel to Belgrade, Jackson, and Nampa,” said Jesse Therien,  Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities, Project Manager. Jesse has been working persistently and attentively for over a year to educate fleet managers and station owners in the region about the benefits of Renewable Diesel. 

“This endeavor not only supports YTCC’s mission but also aligns with the broader goal of the Biden administration to transition to a decarbonized transportation system”, said Alicia Cox, Executive Director of Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities.

Renewable Diesel offers several key benefits, including:

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Renewable Diesel produces up to 75% fewer greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional diesel, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Improved Air Quality: Using Renewable Diesel can help reduce air pollutants and particulate matter, leading to improved air quality in urban areas.

Compatibility with Existing Engines: Renewable Diesel can be used in existing diesel engines without modifications, making it a practical choice for fleets and individual drivers. It reduces DPF regens and DEF consumption.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Jesse and Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities  to be the first to offer renewable diesel in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming,” Cole Mort, Sales Manager Northern Regional Operating Center (ROC).

YTCC is actively working with local gas station owners, fuel distributors, government agencies and businesses to facilitate the introduction of Renewable Diesel at public stations as well as deliveries to specific fleet fueling locations. Through educational outreach and logistical support, YTCC works to make this sustainable fuel option easily accessible to those in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

The success of this partnership will not only benefit the local communities by offering cleaner fuel options but also contribute to the nationwide effort to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. YTCC recognizes the critical importance of expanding access to domestic sustainable fuels like Renewable Diesel to meet environmental goals and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.