Next month we will be celebrating National Drive Electric Week from September 22nd through October 1st. During this week the EV Experience team will be offering electric vehicle ‘ride and drives’ of the EV Experience Chevrolet Bolt to businesses and organizations in Teton County. We will bring the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt to your business during a morning session, lunch hour or afternoon session and you and your employees can take it for a spin. Please email me with your preferred date, time of day and potential number of drivers and we’ll begin to schedule these sessions. We would love to support as many businesses as possible during this week so please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to participate.

There are not many opportunities to test drive an electric vehicle in the mountain west. The EV Experience program provides folks the opportunity to try this technology and offers a hands-on experience to consider when making vehicle purchasing decisions.

With over 65% of GHG emissions in the Town of Jackson attributed to ground transportation, driving an electric vehicle is one opportunity to help reduce these emissions. Driving an electric vehicle, compared to a traditional gasoline vehicle on Lower Valley Energy’s (LVE) grid mix, reduces emissions by 97%.  Teton County is the perfect location in the country to fully realize the primary benefits of driving electric – reducing GHG emissions and saving money.  Through LVE, Teton County has some of the most inexpensive and cleanest electricity in the nation. You can find more information about the benefits on our Drive Electric Greater Yellowstone website.

Please email Alicia(at) if you are interested in scheduling a ride and drive at your business or organization.

Just a reminder that you can personally sign-up to borrow the Chevrolet Bolt for 3 days at a time, either during the workweek or over a weekend to learn if an EV can fit into your everyday life. You can do so on Lower Valley’s website HERE. Even if you don’t think the Chevrolet Bolt is the right vehicle for your needs, it provides a great example and experience of the technology and learning how to charge the vehicle.

Thank-you to Teton Conservation District for funding the EV Experience and thank-you to implementation partners, Lower Valley Energy and Energy Conservation Works, for helping make this program possible.